Monday, July 8, 2013

Pope travels to Lampedusa to remember immigrants who didn't make it

The Pope's arrival to the Italian island ofLampedusa was quite symbolic. He arrived in this police boat which has carried over 30,000 rescued immigrants in the last eight years. The Pope visited the island to remember the roughly 20,000 immigrants, mostly fromNorth Africa, who died while trying to make it across. 

Many shared their experiences with the Pope. 

Migrant - “We're here because we've fled our countries due to political or economic reasons. We overcome many obstacles to get here. We were kidnapped by the human traffickers. We have suffered a lot. We need your help Holy Father. We need other countries to help us.” 

This marks the Pope's first trip out of Rome. It's a trip that highlights solidarity and prayer to console the migrants. 

Pope -“We need to pray for them a lot.” 

The Pope decided to travel to Lampedusa, when he read that seven North Africans died near the Canal of Sicily. The migrants were clinging on to fishing nets, but when the fishermen saw them, they cut the nets and left them to their death.

Read full homily here

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