Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Conclave? There’s An App For That

Verbum has released a free app with some nifty content for the conclave. The features of Conclave break down this way:
Live Video: Right now, it’s the video of the last Press Office conference, but I imagine this will include live streams as they’re available.
News: Relevant feeds from Zenit, Catholic Answers, National Catholic Register, John Allen, Jimmy Aiken, CNS, CNA, and Catholic Culture.
Twitter: The #conclave and #pope hashtags are tracked. (Since this is Twitter, that means you’ll also get the constant yawps of ignorance for hateful little trolls trying to pass themselves off as enlightened.
Bios: This combines New Advent’s tracking data on the papabile with Vatican Press Office bios of all the Cardinals. I would like to have to links to John Allen’s pieces here as well, but you can find them in the news feed.
Resources: This is a good set of links to Verbum resources and Vatican data on conclaves for the last thousand years, Jimmy Akin videos, a bible, and other good stuff.

Go grab it now! All the kids will be talking about it Monday morning and you don’t want to be left out.

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