Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Round 2: Still no Pope. Black Smoke comes out of Sistine Chapel

There is still no Pope. After Wednesday's morning voting round, cardinals have not yet reached a consensus on who the next Pope should be. Thousands of people were waiting in St. Peter's Square, hoping to see white smoke emerge from the roof of the Sixtine Chapel. 

As expected, at roughly 11.38 Rome time, smoke came out of the famous chimney, as the world watched on. 

The black smoke emerged for about seven minutes, confirming that none of the 115 cardinals have received at least two thirds of the vote. 

The next so called 'fumata' will be seen late in the afternoon. If a Pope is elected, white smoke will emerge at around 16. 30. If not, the results of the next voting round will be seen at around 19. 00

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Sherwin said...

Round Two already?