Saturday, February 2, 2013

A wine recommendation from the Holy Father

It's not very common, for Benedict XVI to talk about his personal taste, but he did just that when he met with the tribunal of the Roman Rota. He greeted the judges one by one, and when he spoke with a judge from Spain's La Rioja region, he made a comment about the wine produced in that area. 

“I'm from La Rioja, Holy Father.”
“Oh, from Rioja. Very good wine!”

It's thanks to these audiences that one can learn more about the personal tastes of the Pope. As a theologian, it's widely known that he's an intellectual. He loves music and books. He's not a big fan of sports, but in his free time he does enjoy playing the piano. 

As a German he does like beer and typical Bavarian cuisine. He's also said that he likes Fanta's orange flavored soft drink. 

Now, we know that from time to time, he also enjoys his meal with a glass of wine from La Rioja. 

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