Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daily Strength - In Becoming Holy We Transform History

Our first duty, therefore, precisely in order to heal this world, is to be holy, configured to God; in this way we emanate a healing and transforming power that also acts on others, on history. ... In this regard, it is useful to reflect that the Twelve Apostles were not perfect men, chosen for their moral and religious irreproachability. They were indeed believers, full of enthusiasm and zeal but at the same time marked by their human limitations, which were sometimes even serious. Therefore Jesus did not call them because they were already holy, complete, perfect, but so that they might become so, so that they might thereby also transform history, as it is for us, as it is for all Christians. -- Homily at Port of Brindisi, Italy (June 15, 2008)

Think About It

Is my own holiness my top priority?
Do I deal patiently with the shortcomings of others, discreetly helping them to improve?
God is working now to transform me and my coworkers, and thereby transform history.

Mike Aquilina and Fr. Kris D. Stubna, 
Take Five: Meditations with Pope Benedict XVI


Catholic Cookie Jar said...

Thank you so much for this reflection, Helen! :)

Helen Gonsalves said...

You are very welcome.