Thursday, November 1, 2012

Solemnity of All Saints

As we honor the saints of all times today, we ask them to intercede with us. This reflection is from Pope Benedict’s Angelus Message for this feast last year.

The Solemnity of All Saints is a favourable occasion to raise our gaze from earthly realities, marked by time, to God’s dimension, the dimension of eternity and holiness. Today’s Liturgy reminds us that holiness is the original vocation of every baptized person. In fact, Christ, who with the Father and with the Spirit alone is all holy (cf. Rev 15:4), loved the Church as his Bride and gave himself up for her, in order to sanctify her (cf. Eph 5:25-26). For this reason all members of the People of God are called to become holy, according to the Apostle Paul’s affirmation: “For this is the will of God, your sanctification” (1 Thess 4:3). 

We are therefore invited to see the Church not only in her temporal and human aspect, marked by fragility, but as Christ wanted her to be, that is, in “the communion of saints” ( Catechism of the Catholic Church #946). 

In the Creed we profess that the Church is “holy”, holy since she is the Body of Christ, an instrument of sharing in the sacred Mysteries — primarily in the Eucharist — and the family of Saints, to whose protection we are entrusted on the day of our Baptism. 

Today we venerate this innumerable community of All Saints, who, through their different paths of life, show us the various ways to holiness, united by a common denominator: to follow Christ and conform ourselves to him, the ultimate goal of our alternating human events. All the stages of life, in fact, can become ways of sanctification with the action of grace and with the commitment and perseverance of each one.

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