Thursday, November 15, 2012

Keeping in touch, one tweet at a time. The touching story of three Spanish brothers

Using twitter may be a hobby for most people, but for two Spanish brothers, it's more of a necessity. Under doctors orders, they have to be in complete isolation from the outside world, for an entire month. 

It all started when 18 year old, Javier Alonso Nestares, was diagnosed with a disease that prevents him from producing white blood cells. To survive, doctors told him he needed a bone marrow transplant. 

His family didn't waste any time. It turns out, his brother, 20 year old Federico is a match-who agreed to be a donor. To follow their journey, their eldest brother, Borja, created a twitter account@Enaislamiento, to document the process. 

Now that Javier has received the transplant, he's recuperating at a hospital in Northern Spain, but to keep him company, his older brother was allowed to stay with him, also in isolation for that entire month. 

So, Javier and Borja, may not be able to go outside their hospital room, but through twitter they keep in touch with their family, and that includes Federico. More than 10,000 people are following their twitter account, to enjoy a real life story of life, sacrifice, brotherly love and solidarity.


noreen said...

Oh Helen, what a moving and courageous story of brotherly love!

Helen Gonsalves said...

Thanks Noreen. It is truly a wonderful act of love.