Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benedict XVI: 5th oldest Pope in history

October 30, 2012. ( Benedict XVI is 85 years old. To be even more exact, on Tuesday October 30th, he turns 85.54. When it comes to age, he ranks fifth among the oldest Popes in history. The ranking is based on statistics listed by expert Anura Guruge. The list itself includes Popes who were elected after the year 1400.

Seventy one days from now, so January 9th, the Pope will rank fourth, when he surpasses Pope Pius IX.

At that point, the three Popes who will be ahead of him are Clement X, who lived until the age of 86. He's followed by Clement XII, who lived 87 years. The number one ranking, of the eldest Pope in history is held by Leo XIII, who served until the age of 93.

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