Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Practices for the Year of Faith

  1. The Holy Father asks the Faithful to learn or review our Faith’s teachings. Consider reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Can’t remember to read it? Try this really awesome free application from Flocknote that will send you snippets daily and cover the entire catechism within the Year of Faith.
  2. Attend a conference on the Faith. If there was ever an excuse to attend that one Catholic conference you always wanted, then this is the year. 
  3. Commit to sharing your Faith, a.k.a. Evangelize. Our Confirmation has granted us the grace to be a witness to Christ, even to the point of martyrdom. Maybe we can consider stepping our efforts up a notch. Here are some ideas: invite a close friend to Mass, pray for the conversion of an office mate, or offer a small sacrifice for your priest to continue praying the Liturgy according to our Faith’s teachings. Want to go undercover? Carry religious medals or those small ring Rosaries and leave them in places to be found by others.
  4. Have a favorite book that helped you learn the Faith? How about buying a few copies and passing them out to those you know are questioning their Faith or to those outside our Faith? How about leaving a few copies at your parish for your pastor to pass out?
  5. Share an article. Simple as pushing the “Share” button. You wouldn't believe how many times I found out that another friend shares common beliefs simply by seeing a post on their Facebook wall.
  6. The Sacrament of the Year is Confession. This sacrament continues to offer healing and invigorates, vivifies, and rejuvenates my own faith. Try going at least once a month.
  7. Our Red Hats continue to warn us of the perils of secularism and its grip on our culture. Know the culture. Cardinal Wuerl recently said we are facing a “tsunami of secularism.” There are plenty of great online resources available to get another person’s perspective of cultural matters. I like National Catholic Register, Public Discourse, Crisis Magazine, Catholic Vote, and The Imaginative Conservative to name a few. What are some you would recommend?
  8. Stop drinking coffee. “What do you mean, ‘Stop drinking coffee?’” Ok, well not really. Hold off on the Starbucks and order a yearly subscription to a good Catholic publication. Switching from Starbucks to generic roast will save you the money to do so. 
  9. Write a post. Maybe you could share how you bring your faith into the workplace or how you evangelize the culture around you.
  10. You already go to Mass on Sunday, can you make it another day of the week? Wake up early, take half a lunch hour, or eat supper a little later to make it to a daily Mass. Can’t get to Mass? Maybe you can swing by the Lord and visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament.
Of course, this is not some official and complete list. How do you plan on deepening your faith during this year? If you could pick one, what is the single practice that enriches your own faith the most?

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