Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where is there a God who is as close as our God?

“Where is there a God who is as close as our God is close to us, every time we invoke Him?” 

What counts is interior closeness! God has become so close that He himself is a man: this should always disconcert and surprise us anew! He is so close that He is one of us. He knows the human being, the “taste” of the human being, He know him from within, has tested him with his joys and sufferings. He is close to me as man, close “within call”-- so close that he hears me and that I can know: He hears me and listens to me, even if perhaps it is not as I imagine it.

Allowing myself to be filled again by this joy: where is there a people to which God is so close as our God is to us? So close as to be one of us, to touch me from within. Yes, to enter into me in the Holy Eucharist, and that that is also disconcerting. On this process, Saint Bonaventure once used in his Communion prayers a formulation that shakes one, almost frightens one. He says: my Lord, how did it possibly come into your mind to enter into the filthy latrine of my body? Yes, He enters into our misery, he does so knowingly and does so to penetrate us, to cleanse and renew us so that, through us, in us, truth will be in the world and salvation brought about. Let us ask the Lord forgiveness for our indifference, for our misery that makes us think only of ourselves, for our egoism which does not seek the truth, but which follows our own habits, and which perhaps often makes Christianity seem like a system of habits. Let us ask Him to enter into our souls forcefully, that He make himself present in us and through us – and thus that joy is born also in us: God is here, and He loves me, He is our salvation! Amen.

Excerpts from Pope Benedict XVI homily at the Mass with his former pupils on 2/9/12.

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