Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is Love?

Love is a tendency of the soul towards good, and so it means many things to many people, but when the good I seek is only perceived by Faith, that Love is supernatural-it is Christian Love. It is a gift given to me at Baptism, and one I must grow in every moment of my life.

How did Jesus love me?

He left all of Heaven to come down and teach me by word and example how to live. I am more valuable to Him than all of creation.

I will love my neighbor as Jesus loves me by —

Loving him as he is,
being patient with his sins, realizing I have a beam in my own eye,
making it easy for those who have offended me to ask forgiveness and assuring them all is forgotten,
weeping with those who weep and laughing with those who laugh.


Lord God and Father, You are Love; Your Son showed me Your Love and Your Spirit gave me Your Love. Grant me the grace I need to be love, to show Love and to give Love to my neighbor in the same way You have given Yourself to me. Amen.

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