Friday, September 7, 2012

The Lowest Place

The word "humility" is misunderstood by most people and despised by others. It does not mean making oneself a doormat. Jesus told us to learn from Him how to be meek and humble of heart. We must look at His life if we are to have any concept of what humility is all about.

Christ took the form of a servant but He never ceased to be the Master; He took the lowest place but was always the Leader; He was meek when accused unjustly, but strong enough to call men hypocrites when He had to; He cured the blind and then told them not to tell anyone; He felt the jealousy and hatred of His enemies but never lost His serenity; He was afraid in the Garden of Gethsemane, but did what He had to do; He suffered unheard of torments and asked forgiveness for His executioners; He felt abandoned but commended His soul to His Father. This is how He was humble.

Humility is-to know my place before God and to be grateful and to take my place before men with lowliness.

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