Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pope's general audience: Prayer is much more than just words and requests

The Pope made his way from Castel Gandolfo back to the Vatican, to hold Wednesday's general audience. With roughly 7,000 people there, the Pope explained that the best way to develop a relationship with God, is through prayer. 

BENEDICT XVI -“Prayer with others, liturgical prayer in particular will deepen our awareness of the crucified and risen Jesus in our midst.”

By citing the Book of Revelation, the Pope said that prayer is much more than just words and requests. More than that, he said, it's a way to develop a friendship with God. A way to learn to speak to Him and listen to Him as well.

BENEDICT XVI -“Thus, the more we know, love and follow Christ, the more we will want to meet Him in prayer, for He is the peace, hope and strength of our lives.”

Among the thousands who attended the general audience at the Vatican's Paul VI Hall, the Pope gave a warm welcome to young adults who took part in 'GenFest.' The gathering, which is led by the Focolare Movement, gathered more than 12,000 youths in Budapest, under the theme, 'Building Bridges of Brotherhood.'

BENEDICT XVI -“I therefore encourage you: be strong in your Catholic faith; and let the simple joy, the pure love and the profound peace that come from the encounter with Jesus Christ make you radiant witnesses of the Good News.”

At the end of the general audience, the Pope made his way back to his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo, but before that, he got a warm welcome from a young visitor, who according to this sign, is also named 'Joseph.'

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