Thursday, September 6, 2012


Could it be that the best way to become detached is to have an overwhelming attachment to God?

It is not so much the possession of things that makes me attached; it is the burden these things impose—the fear of loss, the greed for more, the power they exert, the glitter that is so bright for so short a time. All this puts me in a vicious circle that is hard to change. The more I have, the more I want; the more I want, the more anxious I become and everyday my mind and soul are absorbed in a complex web too tight to break through.

The visible reality brings a degree of happiness, but not peace; it gives' a glow but not a light; it gives security but never assurance; it promotes love based on service, but never feeds the love that is based on sacrifice.

Is detachment the answer to freedom? No, because detachment is negative—it is to be without. The answer must be positive—I must replace what I have with something better. The things that occupy my mind and are contrary to the Divine Will are the things that exercise the greatest power over my soul.

I must rise above the things that pass by seeing God in them. The essence of attachment is to possess, to hang on to, and yet everything is passing. Why should I put my heart in anything that is here today and gone tomorrow.

Where, my soul, is the balance between compassion and detachment, providing for today and not being anxious for tomorrow, having things and not possessing them, deeply caring and being unselfish? The balance is a deep and strong love for God. All lesser loves fall away in the presence of a great Loveand here is the balance and the answer to detachment: Supernatural Love.

Supernatural Love is free and unattached because it is based on an unseen Reality; it is sure because that Reality is eternal; it is strong because it is fed by God Himself; it can possess things without being possessed by them; it can love people and be content if that love is not returned; it can give and give and never run dry.

It is then, a matter of preference and priorities and first things first. It is not a matter of having or not having, of being rich or poor, a success or failure. It is putting God and His Kingdom FIRST, FOREMOST and ALWAYS, knowing that all these other things will be added.

The secret to real freedom is to prefer God to everything and to do everything for God.


Nancy Shuman said...

I think this is wonderful.

Helen Gonsalves said...

Yes it is. God Bless Nancy.