Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marriage Foundation: Describe marriage in 50 words

If you had to write 50 words on marriage, what would you write? The Marriage Foundation is inviting people to share their experiences on the web. Everything from why you support marriage, to the challenges you've overcome. 

The goal of the Marriage Foundation is simple: to increase the rate of marriage and reduce the rate of divorce. To make this happen the foundation, which is based in the UK, and is secular, is mainly depending on cold hard statistics. 

The idea came about from Paul Coleridge, a family law specialist and High Court judge, who was concerned about the high rate of divorce, single parent households and its lasting effects on children and adolescents. 

Aside from the financial and psychological costs of divorce, the foundation wants to reduce the human and social price of separating families. 

In its website, www.marriagefoundation.org.uk, it claims that 70 percent of young offenders come from single parent families. But instead of just focusing on the negative effects of divorce, the foundation is focusing on the positive side of marriage. From stability, to higher incomes, to an overall healthy family life.

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