Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ways to Lighten Your Summertime Laundry Load

The last thing you probably want to do in the midst of summer is spend a lot of time cleaning. But with all of those beach days, pool and picnics, the house can quickly be overrun with sand and damp towels. Find out how to set up a smart laundry system that will see you through the summer with ease.
Minimize laundry loads. Doing a load here and there works best for most people. When laundry builds up to giant mountain levels, it can feel overwhelming to tackle. Using smaller baskets can be a helpful reminder to take the laundry in and start a load. If doing frequent loads of laundry doesn't work for you, a good alternative is to invest in a large three-bin laundry sorter that can keep things tidy until you have a chance to get to it.
Stop wet, sandy clothes before they enter the house. Putting up a simple peg rail or a row of sturdy hooks on the exterior of your home makes it easy to remember to hang damp beach towels to dry.
Keep fresh towels and suits in a designated spot. Inside the door, a second set of hooks or pegs can hold fresh, clean towels ready to grab and go.
traditional utility tubs by Lehman's
Galvanized Washtub - 
Make hand washing chores a snap. Keep a washtub at the ready in the bathroom and toss in bathing suits and other delicate items as needed.
by CB2
by CB2
eclectic bathroom by backporchcoKeep towels off the floor. Provide wall hooks for each member of the household, plus a bench or shelf to stow extras and a small hamper for dirties. For larger households, labeling each hook with a number or letter is an easy way to keep track of whose towel is whose.
Try this easy summer cleaning routine. Of course every once in a while it's a good idea to do a deeper cleaning, but who wants to deal with that in the summer heat? By sticking with this routine, your bath can stay fresh looking in only a few minutes each day.

1. Keep a stack of microfiber cloths in the cupboard or under the sink.
2. Whenever you think about it, give everything a quick swipe with a microfiber cloth dampened with water.
3. Start with the cleanest area (mirror, sink) and end with the grimiest (tub, then toilet). Toss the cloth in a hamper.
4. Summer can mean more mildew buildup, so every once in a while throw the shower curtain and bath mat in the wash, too.
Put a laundry basket in (almost) every room.Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms each need their own laundry basket. I've found that generally, if you keep the basket on the small side, it makes it easier to keep on top of the laundry.
Designate a spot for pocket contents. A bowl or basket placed on top of the washer serves as a visual reminder to check those pockets before washing that lip balm or money. For extra organizing credit, give each person their own little basket for small items that would otherwise be easily lost

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