Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teaching Faith to Children

When is the best time to talk to children about religion? Finding the right way and even time can be challenging, but soon parents can count on a new resource to teach toddlers about the ABC's of being Catholic-literally.

Through videos and audio files, a business named AB Catholic aims to teach toddlers about faith. Complex terms that are sometimes difficult to explain are easily and visually presented to grab kids attention.

It's a way for parents and adults in general to engage children in the Catholic faith from early on.

Through the website, www.abcatholic.com, the first product will be available in early June. It's titled 'My Catholic ABC's, which is meant to be inspiring, educational and faithful to the teachings of the Church.

So, the goal of AB Catholic is to entertain, but above all educate and enlighten. While the kid friendly videos are obviously for children, they're also a good tool for parents, who can use the videos as a springboard to teach children about Catholicism.


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