Saturday, May 19, 2012

Queen of the World

On this Saturday in May, let us ask Mary, the Queen of the World and Star of Evangelization, to accompany all missionaries in bringing Jesus to the world. Our reflection is from Jesuit Fr. Peter Schineller who used to work with the Apostleship of Prayer in Africa.

Mary accompanied and watched over Jesus from the moment of the Annunciation, from his birth in Bethlehem, and during his hidden life in Nazareth. She was present at the first miracle of Cana, the first mystery of Light. She was with Jesus on the road to Calvary as the fourth station of the Cross recalls, and she stayed with her Son at the foot of the Cross.

While Mary was not one of the apostles Jesus sent to the ends of the earth to teach all nations, she in the Upper Room with the apostles when they were preparing to take up their mission. She prayerfully waited with them for the coming of the Spirit to empower them. Pope Paul VI describes her strong presence in these words: “On the morning of Pentecost she watched over with her prayer the beginning of evangelization prompted by the Holy Spirit: may she be the Star of the evangelization ever renewed which the Church ever docile to her Lord’s command, must promote and accomplish, especially in these times which are difficult but full of hope” (On Evangelization in the Modern World, No. 82).

So this month, we pray that every missionary feels the guiding, compassionate, loving presence of Mary. Christians have known for 2000 years that one really does not understand or have Jesus Christ in their lives unless they honor and respect his mother Mary. As Mary brought Jesus to birth in our world 2000 years ago, once again, may she, the Star of Evangelization accompany and assist missionaries today in bringing Jesus to birth in the hearts of men and women today.

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