Thursday, April 26, 2012

365 Grateful

What a wonderful story and project! Hailey is a photographer in Brisbane, Australia. A few years ago, she was feeling really down for no good reason. She asked advice of a wise nun who told her the secret to happiness: reflection and gratitude. The nun asked her to write something down every day that she was grateful for.

Hailey says, “It really surprised me how quickly I began to notice things that I otherwise would have missed. I remember sitting on my bed one night and realising that the little moments I was thinking through were really special and if I had not taken the time to notice them they would be lost forever.

It shocked me how much I had missed so I started to take the project seriously. I got a beautiful album and ordered enough polaroid film to see me through a year! (and lucky I did!) Taking one photo every day for a year of something I was grateful for really re-programmed my brain. I couldn't believe how much gratitude affected my life. Seeing and celebrating the good in my life affected not only the way I felt spiritually and physically but it improved my relationships with others too.”

Here’s a beautiful little video that shares more about the 365 Grateful project: from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

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