Wednesday, February 15, 2012


St. Claude was the Jesuit confessor and spiritual director of St. Margaret Mary to whom Jesus appeared and revealed his Sacred Heart. When she struggled with anguishing uncertainty about the authenticity of her experience, Jesus promised to send her, in his words, “my faithful servant and perfect friend.” As such, St. Claude is an example for all Apostles of Prayer who strive to be faithful servants and perfect friends of Jesus. Our mission of prayer and service in union with Jesus’ perfect sacrifice made on Calvary and renewed in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is nourished by the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As we renew our daily offering and pray for Pope Benedict’s monthly intentions today, let us make our own the words of St. Claude’s Retreat Notes of 1674.

The love of Our Lord’s Heart was in no way diminished by the treason of Judas, the flight of the apostles, and the persecution of his enemies. Jesus was only grieved at the harm they did themselves; his sufferings helped to assuage his grief because he saw in them a remedy for the sins committed by his enemies. The Sacred Heart was full of most tender love: there was no bitterness in it; no cruelty and injustice that he received moved it to feelings other than those of compassion and affection.

I turned to Mary and asked her to obtain for me the grace to imitate Our Lord’s Heart. I saw how perfectly her heart copied his: she loved those who put her Son to death and offered him to God the Father for them. This enkindled a very great love of virtue in my heart.

O sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary, truly worthy of possessing all hearts and of reigning over men and angels, you shall be my models; I will try to copy you. May my heart live always in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and may their hearts live in mine, so that I may never do anything that is not in accordance with them.

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