Thursday, December 22, 2011

Benedict XVI greeted some 5,000 pilgrims in his last general audience before Christmas. He spoke to them about the meaning of Midnight Mass held on Christmas, saying it presented the eternal presence of Jesus.

He said this was an invitation to discover the presence of God in everyday life.

Benedict XVI - “In the birth of Jesus, God comes to us and asks us to receive him, so that he can be born in our lives and transform them, and our world, by the power of his love.”

The pope then spoke about the meaning of Christmas, saying it should be remembered throughout the year. He added it invites contemplation on the life of Jesus with the backdrop of the importance of Easter.

Benedict XVI - “Christmas points beyond itself, to the redemption won for us on the Cross and the glory of the Resurrection.”

At the end of the audience, the pope was greet by groups of singing children and this group of musicians dressed in their traditional clothing. READ MORE

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