Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rome hosts Renaissance art exhibition

Rome is celebrating the Renaissance with a new art exhibit featuring some of the best known artists from that time period. The collection is being called “The Inspiration of Michelangelo and Rafael,” because their artistic styles were emulated over the next century.

Some of the pieces are certified as originals of Rafael and others like this painting of the Pieta from Buffalo, New York is believed by many scholars to be a work of Michelangelo.

Italian Marco Bussagli is the project's curator.    He says he hopes the pieces will lead to a rebirth of the arts.

Marco Bussagli -Curator, “The Renaissance in Rome”“Above all for me this is a very important moment, I hope this can be a time of reflection for Rome and for the public. Also so that it can be a way to examine something here and to see the great masterpieces of that time period.” 
Many of the art pieces traveled a long way to become part of the exhibit. Paintings came from as far away as Budapest, the United States, as well as a few Italian cities like Florence and Naples.

This statue of the Spinario by Guglielmo della Porta was brought from St. Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum.

Guests will also have to put on their 3D glasses to see a laser enhanced Sistine Chapel thanks to a local Italian technology company.

Massimiliano Guarneri -Researcher, ENEA“The importance of this instrument is due to the fact that we can acquire these images and give them a different level. What this means is that we are able to give these images to restorers for cataloging or for educational purposes.” 
Romans and visitors will have a rare chance to see this collection until February 12 of 2012. After that all the pieces will move back to their home museums. 

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