Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pope prays for kidnapped girl in Colombia

Colombia's ambassador to the Vatican asked the pope to pray for a young girl who was recently kidnapped. It happened on September 29th, when 10 year old Nohora Valentina Muñoz, was on her way to school. The young girl is the daughter of a Colombian city mayor.

According to the ambassador, César Mauricio Velásquez, since the pope heard the news, he's been praying for the release of the young girl and for the release of all Colombian hostages. 

The family recently got a call from the kidnappers who say the girl is safe and unharmed. They also say they are willing to negotiate her release. The family says it's very thankful for the pope's prayers.

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noreen said...

How horrible to have to endure that kind of pain! I will keep the family in my prayers as well.