Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where God is There is the Future - Pope Benedict XVI in Germany - Day 3

Pope tells German youth to be 'light of the world'

Pope Benedict's final appointment on Saturday afternoon was a prayer vigil with young people from all over Germany gathered outside Freiburg's exhibition centre.

Read the full text of the Pope's words:

Dear young friends,
Throughout today I have been looking forward to this evening, and to this opportunity to be together with you and to join you in prayer. No doubt some of you were present at World Youth Day, where we were able to experience the special atmosphere of peace, deep fellowship and inner joy that characterizes an evening prayer vigil. It is my wish that we may experience the same thing now: that the Lord may touch our hearts and make us joyful witnesses who pray together and support one another, not just this evening but throughout our ...»

Pope to Freiburg's seminarians

During the afternoon of Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI met with seminarians from the archdiocese of Freiburg.

The encounter took place in Freiburg Seminary's Chapel which is dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo.

Speaking informally to some sixty seminarians, Pope Benedict focussed on the importance of three things: the Word of God as an encounter with the living Christ; the sense of belonging to the Universal Church; and the relationship between faith and reason....»

Pope to lay Catholics in Freiburg

On Saturday afternoon, Pope Benedict met with members of the Central Committee of German lay Catholics (Zentralkomitee der deutschen Katholiken, ZdK) at the seminary in Freiburg.

Read the full text of the Pope's speech:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I am grateful for this opportunity to come together, here in Freiburg, with you, the Council Members of the Central Committee for German Catholics (ZdK). I gladly express to you my appreciation for your work in publicly representing the concerns of Catholics and in giving impetus to the apostolate of the Church and of Catholics in society. I also thank the President of the ZdK, Herr Alois Gl├╝ck, for his kind greeting.
Dear friends, for some years now, development aid has included what are known as “exposure ...»

Pope Benedict meets Helmut Kohl and lay Catholics

On the third day of his pastoral journey to his native Germany, Pope Benedict's packed programme included an ecumenical encounter, a meeting with seminarians, private talks with one of the nation's best known statesmen and a very public greeting for the people of Freiburg. Veronica Scarisbrick is in Germany and sent this report on the events of Saturday afternoon......
A change of gear is always demanding and when you're 84 it must prove even more so. Just think six engagements and four speeches in less than three hours. But why don't I attempt to tell you about Benedict XVI's Saturday afternoon in Freiburg, the city whose inhabitants decided in 1520 not to take part in the Reformation, proving their independence from outside influence. The city was not named Freiburg meaning ...»

Pope Benedict: Christian Churches in Germany walking side by side

Pope Benedict met with members of the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches at the Freiburg Seminaryon Saturday evening. He told them "the Christian Churches in Germany – including Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christians – are walking side by side along the path of peaceful witness for understanding and solidarity among peoples, on the basis of their faith in the one God and Father of all."

Full text of Pope Benedict XVI's remarks during his Meeting with Representatives of Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches

Dear Cardinals, Brother Bishops,
Distinguished Representatives of Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches!
It is a great joy for me that we have come together here today. From my heart I thank all of you for ...»

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