Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation retreat - Yara Bay

As part of our vacation we visited Yarra Bay a few days ago and it was lovely.

It is a dramatic beach. From the moment you walk down the hill you are struck by the visual beauty; the coconut trees lining the shore, the wide sand expanse, the blue water, the huge rocks standing in the center of the bay with the sea surging against them and seemingly unable to prevail plus the red clay cliffs at the western end.

Yarra Bay lies on the western outskirts of Blanchisseuse in Trinidad immediately after the village of La Fillette. Its entrance is not easily seen and so often bypassed as individuals travel along the road to Blanchissuesse. Yet this secluded bay is an ideal location for a beach side picnic in the midst of a true untamed Caribbean setting.

The ocean at Yarra surges in from the deep, so that it is not a beach known for swimming but rather for contemplation of the beauty of nature. However, on the day we visited the water was relatively calm, warm and good for bathing. The children loved it.

As you walk along the beach, you realise that Yarra Beach is used by the giant leatherback turtles as a nesting site for laying their eggs.

There is a grove of short coconut trees that lies between the river and the sea, while along one stretch of the river almond trees line the bank. Early mornings are super peaceful at this spot with birds tweeting in the trees and the cries of the gulls from the offshore rocks.

At this western end of the beach, the beautiful river flows slowly with clear water between sandy banks.

It was truly a wonderful experience and we plan to go again very soon, God willing.

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noreen said...

Gorgeous pictures Helen! I can see why your family absolutely loved visiting this beautiful beach!