Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vatican agrees with excommunication warning to South Korean “visionary” Julia Youn and her followers

The Vatican says it agrees with the stern warning a South Korean Archbishop gave to a self proclaimed 'visionary.'

The Catholic Church has warned Julia Youn on several occasions. But according to Archbishop Hyginus Kim Hee-jung, those warning have been ignored. Youn and her followers now face the penalty of excommunication from the Church.

Youn claims to have seen several miracles since 1985, including tears of blood stemming from a Marian statue she had in her home. The archdiocese issued three directives denying the claim, but still some Catholics follow her, believing she has a divine connection.

On several occasions, Archbishop Kim Hee-jung said her claims were unfounded, highlighting that she and her followers are “far away from true Christian faith.”

Still, some of her followers weren't convinced on the Vatican's opposition. They argued the Holy See would “support their argument and approve it soon.”

The Archbishop clearly discredited those followers. In a statement he said “The Vatican will never change its position on the alleged visionary.”

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