Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 21st Anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrate 21 years of marriage and while this may seem an accomplishment in today's world, I certainly cannot take any credit. It is all due to the grace of God. 

To me a lasting and committed  marriage is made one day at a time. It is getting up and choosing to live St. Paul’s version of love, even when the feeling is not there. It is choosing to be patient and kind and putting the other person first. It is praying for the strength to keep going. 

God has taught me a number of things during the past 21 years including the following:

1. Forgive one more time than asked; seek forgiveness one more time than I think I need to.

2. It is “my fault” too, we are in this together.

3. Practice mercy–which is all that love desires to give–before admonishment.

4. Being right isn’t all it is cracked up to be when it divides a couple; it is better to be committed to your spouse than to be right.

5. Children will bring a couple to their knees and seem to be God’s way of ensuring a humble and compassionate heart in which He can dwell.

5. Marriage with God at its center can withstand all that will come against it!