Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Delicious Julie Mangoes

It’s mango season in Trinidad and they are starting to drop. 

We have a Julie mango tree in our yard. Yay! 

The Julie are are a coveted type of mango along with the Starch Mango (which I don’t like- too stringy, it gets stuck in your teeth!). 

Mangoes make great chow – a blend of salt, vinegar, onions, pepper (habaneros), chadon beni (a type of local cilantro) and whatever you like. The kids love mango chow. 

Julie Mangoes fetch the highest price among Trinidad mangoes thus it encourages the most skillful backyard thieves.

Anybody who wants to create an impression says they have a Julie Mango tree. Nobody ever says at dinner parties, I have a long mango tree because long mango is considered unrefined. 

Eating a Julie Mango at your desk can be challenging if you want to eat it without cutting it into two faces and the seed since it’s a very juicy mango.

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