Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inside John Paul II's beatification process

To declare John Paul II a blessed, the pope has not taken the easy road. Those in charge of  investigating the “Life and Miracles” had to meticulously document the facts showing that he was a saint. The process included the questioning of 114 people, those who were both for and against the beatification.

The group was made up of 35 cardinals, 20 bishops, 11 priests, 5 religious, 3 nuns and 36 lay Catholics, 3 non-Catholics and one Jew. Each one answered 129 questions. Among them were several heads of state and politicians, 2 Orthodox patriarchs, the Anglican primate and a representative from the Jewish community. 

There was also a team of six historians that spent 16 months carefully recreating his life as a priest and pope. Conclusions were drawn up in three volumes of text that Vatican experts revised before proposing the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

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