Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Doc? Wycelf Rock?

I have very little patience and mercy for this.

Should we be happy that Baby Doc is bringing some comic relief to Haiti after the misery of 2010, or enraged that he had the gall to step on its soil? It’s so hard to know whether to cackle or weep nowadays. But wait – could it be a new season of a reality show? Are we watching a live broadcast of Survivor, Haiti? But didn't this embezzler flee the island already?
And now I think of the hip hop star. I’m against him – but, still, Sean Penn, perhaps the only human being in Hollywood, who has been in Haiti since the earthquake, has recoiled from Wyclef Jean’s SUV entourage that rolls around in air-conditioned comfort at speed! Isn't he hoping for some votes, himself?
Oho! I get it now: Survivor, Haiti, yes; but this is the All-Stars show.
May the good Lord, save Haiti from these treacherous men. 
Prayers please!

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Barb Schoeneberger said...

I feel exactly as you do. Now is the time for the Catholic Church in Haiti to call for a solemn novena to Mary, our Mother to give them a good leader who will live clean and govern justly.