Friday, December 24, 2010

An Announcement of Joy

This is the holy night. 

How much fatigue during the long journey to Bethlehem; how much suffering in the face of each refusal to open a door to them; how much trust in the Father who is leading them by the hand to the fulfillment of his great plan of love! A plan which is carried out by the concourse of unexpected circumstances which prepare for the occurrence of this extraordinary prodigy. 

The merciful action of a shepherd who points out a nearby cave; the opening of one single door upon a poor and bare shelter; the human bustling about to make the place more hospitable; above all their perfect acceptance of the will of the Heavenly Father, who has prepared a crib of poverty and of cold for his only begotten Son who is being born.

But sweet to his Heart, the Heart of a new born Child, is the warmth of Mary's love, and a soft cradle Mary's arms which entwine Him with boundless tenderness, and her motherly kisses become precious pearls and a regal mantle for Him the cloths with which He is enfolded. 

All at once, the darkness is penetrated by a most lively light which comes pouring down from heaven, the silence resounds with the sweetest of sounds and of heavenly harmonies, the solitude becomes populated with inumerable cohorts of angels while the night opens up to the birth of a day which knows no setting. 

This is the Holy Night!

This is the night which has conquered all darkness forever!

This is the night which opens upon an announcement of joy which comes from heaven; a Saviour is born to you who is Christ the Lord!

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