Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pope talks about Saint Catherine and importance of spiritual maternity

In the Pope's general audience he was greeted by pilgrims waving their colored bandanas. He spoke to them about Saint Catherine of Siena, a Dominican tertiary. She promoted the interior reform of the Church and worked to move the papacy back to Rome from its displacement in France.

Benedict XVI
Catherine's life also shows us the importance of the spiritual maternity exercised by so many women in every age. From this great saint let us learn to grow in holiness, love for the Lord and fidelity to his body, the Church.”

She was also an advocate for peace between Italian city-states, serving as an ambassador of Florence. 

Because of her teachings and service for peace she was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI in 1970. 

The Pope also enjoyed the the melodies of gospel songs during the audience.

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