Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Fr. Miguel Pro was born in Mexico and entered the Jesuit order in 1911. Three years later Mexico entered upon a time of rebellion and anti-Catholicism. The Jesuit novitiate was burned and priests were threatened with torture and death. Miguel and many of his brother Jesuits were forced to flee to California where they were welcomed by the Jesuits there. Eventually he continued his studies in Belgium where he was ordained. Though the persecution in his homeland became worse, he returned to minister to the many Catholics who were without the Sacraments. For 18 months he eluded capture by means of many ingenious disguises that he created, but on November 18, 1927 he was finally captured. Condemned to death, he was led into the prison yard on November 23 to face the firing squad. Holding a crucifix in one hand and a rosary in the other, he held out his arms in the form of a cross and shouted his last words as the order to shoot was given: "Viva Cristo Rey!" Pope John Paul II beatified Fr. Pro in 1988.

As Apostles of Prayer we too pray that Christ the King may live and reign over us and our whole world. Our daily offering is a way in which we renew this prayer. Let us offer ourselves anew with the following prayer to Christ the King:

O Christ Jesus, I acknowledge You to be the King of the universe. All that has been made is created for You. Exercise over me all Your sovereign rights. I hereby renew the promises of my Baptism, renouncing Satan and all his works and pomps, and I engage myself to lead henceforth a truly Christian life. Divine Heart of Jesus, I offer You my poor actions to obtain the acknowledgement by every heart of Your sacred kingly power. In this way may the Kingdom of Your peace be firmly established throughout the earth. Amen.

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Gardenia said...

beautiful video. I didn't realize Miguel had a crucifix in one hand and a rosary in the other at the time of his martyrdom. Viva Cristo Rey. thanks for sharing.