Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh Dear !

The Pew Forum’s U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey that was made public revealed that 3,412 adult Americans were asked 32 questions about the Bible, world religions, and important historical figures. Among the key findings:

Atheists & Agnostics got 20.9 answers right. Jews got 20.5, Mormons 20.3, Protestants 16 and Catholics came up last with only 14.7 correct answers. Atheists know more about religion than believers. Wow!

Of the 12 questions specifically about the Bible and Christianity, Mormons scored 7.9 correct responses, Protestants got 6.5 and Catholics once again came in last with 5.4 right answers.

The most stunning item was that 45% of the Catholics surveyed didn’t know about the Church’s teaching that the Eucharist is not merely symbolic but is the Real Presence of the Body & Blood of Christ.

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