Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ten (10) Prayerful Thoughts from St. Ignatius of Loyola

1. May the sovereign grace and eternal love of Christ our Lord and Creator greet and visit you with His gifts and graces for His greater service, praise and glory [Ep. 1:363].

2. For those who love, nothing is too difficult, especially when it is done for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ [Ep. 1:81].

3. The more completely we focus our attention on our Creator and Lord, the less chance there is of our being distracted by creatures [Ep. 7:411].

4. Lord, what do I desire, if not You; and what could I desire other than You? [AS 763, no. 476].

5. If God sends you much suffering, it is a sure sign that He wishes to make you a great saint. If you desire to be a saint, then also desire to suffer much [Bart. 2:257].

6. When I serve those who are servants of my Lord, I realize that I am at the same time serving the Lord of all [Ep. 2:317].

7. True confession of sins requires three elements, namely, contrition in the heart, confession on the lips, and satisfaction in deeds [Ep. 12:666].

8. If we fear the world more than we should, we will never accomplish anything great for God, for all that we do for God invites persecution from the world [Bart. 2:254].

9. In the life which is eternal and without end God will reward your patience with indescribable joy and glory; there will be no trials, sadness, or discomfort—for there are none of these in heaven—but only the fulfillment of every joy and happiness [Ep. 6:161].
10. Take and receive, O Lord, all my liberty, my memory, my understanding and all my will; all that I have and all that I possess. All this you have given me, Lord, and I return them to You. Everything is Yours; dispense them according to Your good pleasure. Grant me Your love; give me Your grace, and this is enough for me [Spir. Exer., "Contemplation for Obtaining Love"].

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