Saturday, July 31, 2010

“Oscar's Cuba”: film about a pro-life prisoner of conscience

This documentary tells the story of “Cuba's forgotten hero.”

Dr. Oscar Biscet is currently serving a 25 year prison sentence in Cuba for allegedly committing crimes against the sovereignty and integrity of the Cuban territory. This Christian physician, promoter of human rights and life, has been called “Fidel Castro's number one enemy.”

Jordan Allott, the director of “Oscar's Cuba,” says he didn't know much about Cuba before he started filming. But after hearing about Biscet, he snuck into Cuba twice to film the documentary he says was much needed.

Allott believes Biscet is the greatest living example of a man standing up to the culture of death.

Biscet first caught the attention of Castro's regime in the 1990s when he staged a peaceful pro-life demonstration outside a hospital in Havana. And after publishing an article condemning abortion, he was imprisoned for three years for the crime of “disrespect.”

Between 1998 and 1999, Biscet was detained 26 times.
In 2002, he was arrested while meeting with friends to discuss human rights. He is still carrying out that sentence.

He has no windows in his prison cell, is not permitted toiletries, medication, correspondence, visitors nor reading materials.

In this documentary, Biscet's wife, Elsa, shows the food she takes to him in prison and the bucket he uses to hold bath water. She visits him for 2 hours every two months.

The director says Biscet is an ideal example of courage, humility and faith in action for all Christians, especially the youth.  He wants Biscet's message to not only make us feel grateful for our freedoms but to spur us into action as well.

He says Cuba is “one giant prison” and those of us who are free and able to do something to help should do so.

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