Friday, July 30, 2010

Catholic psychologist trains confessors in growing problem

New York archdiocesan clergy among those learning how to help parishioners battle addiction to porn


Priests meet them in the confessional. Clinical therapist and counselor Peter Kleponis meets them in his office — men who are caught up in the epidemic of viewing pornography.

The Archdiocese of New York in June gave priests a unique opportunity to learn from Kleponis.

One man looked at pornography online on his home computer for more than 10 years, always navigating away and erasing his Internet history when he was done, so that his wife wouldn’t know. One day he forgot to, and the images his wife saw so disgusted her that she left him.

Another man worked hard to reach an executive level at his corporation. The stress of the new position and the privacy of his new office combined to coax him into looking at porn at work. He began to spend more and more time doing it until other managers got suspicious. They discovered what he was doing and fired him. 


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