Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pope gives palliums to 38 new archbishops

The Mass held on Tuesday is one of the Vatican's most symbolic ceremonies; it celebrates the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the patron saints of the Church. Arnolfo di Cambio's ancient bronze statue of Saint Peter is decorated for the mass; it's adorned with papal ornaments, the miter and the ring of the fisherman.

The pope also gathers the metropolitan archbishops named during the previous year to give each a pallium.  The pallium is a white woolen band with six black crosses and symbolizes the bishop's unity with the pope.

A gesture increases the symbolism of the pallium: each is placed over the Apostle Saint Peter's tomb and are solemnly taken to the pope at the beginning of Mass.

Benedict XVI repeated that the most damaging persecutions the Church can suffer are those that come from within.

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