Thursday, June 24, 2010

Benedict XVI says believing in God is logical and reasonable

For the third week in a row, Benedict XVI dedicated his general audience to St. Thomas Aquinas.  The Pope cited Thomas' work as a source of profound theological truths.

Benedict XVI
“Thomas illustrates the working of divine grace, which perfects our natural gifts and enables us, through the practice of the virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to attain the eternal happiness for which we were created.”

The Pope went on to say that for those who object to faith because it does not “enter in the experience of the senses,” St. Thomas argues that “human intelligence is limited and cannot know everything.”

Benedict XVI
“The Summa Theologiae, his masterpiece, reflects Thomas' serene confidence in the harmony of faith and reason, and in the ability of reason, enlightened by faith, to come to an understanding of God and his saving plan.”

Benedict XVI said that Thomas' work “stresses the importance of the seven sacraments,” and that his writing and preaching present theological teaching in a “clear and simple way.”

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