Saturday, June 26, 2010

Belgian bishops denounce confiscation of confidential documents on sexual abuse victims

Belgian police raided the headquarters of the Episcopal Conference of Belgium to clear up if the bishops had “systematically” hid cases of sexual abuse committed by clergy.
During nine hours investigators and police officers searched records, computers and cell phones and interrogated all bishops and personnel who worked there.

The Episcopal Conference expressed their full cooperation with authorities and their “faith in justice”.

But they regret that police took documents the Church Commission on abuse received from victims who came forward.

Those records include stories from many victims who have chosen not to report to authorities and who want to remain anonymous.

For this reason, the president of the Church Commission on sexual abuse, Peter Adriaenssens, denounced the confiscation of the documents.

The Commission believes it is a new kind of abuse for these victims, a violation of their rights and an obstacle in their path to reconciliation and compensation.

The Vatican Secretary of State also condemned this “infraction against confidentiality”,  a right which all victims have.

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libhom said...

Those sickos are actually condemning a perfectly legitimate police raid, just because the target is child rapists. The Vatican is pure evil.