Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How To Turn Routine Moments Into Prayer

There are many ways to experience God’s presence in everyday things. Here 10 possibilities:

1. As you wake up in the morning, slowly unwrap yourself from your blanket. Imagine Jesus unbinding you from all the negative emotions you experienced the previous day.

2. As you take a bath, apply a cleansing agent in the parts of your body that need healing (for example, your hands for stealing something, your feet for running away from someone who needed your help, mouth for gossiping, etc.) and let every touch be a supplication for God’s forgiveness. 

3. While you put on fresh clothes, be aware of the sensation of the clothes next to your skin, and remind yourself that God touches you even more intimately. 

4. At the breakfast table, share food with your family in the house. Remember that Jesus broke bread with his disciples and asked them to do it in his memory. 

5. As you hurry to work, be ready for small surprises – a coin on the sidewalk, newspapers reporting positive news, a smile from a beggar – and know that you are always surrounded with God’s gentle, abundant presence. 

6. While doing your routine work, take the time to inhale and exhale slowly. Inhale what you need from God (fulfillment, forgiveness, marital bliss, inner peace, etc) and exhale the opposite (boredom, hatred, anger, disgust, etc). 

7. After taking lunch, sit in your favorite chair and allow yourself to be lulled by God.

8. Once the work is over for the day, be with your family and spend time to look at them in their eyes. Smile and whisper your words of love. 

9. Walk slowly to restore your inner harmony and to delight in the fact that God always journeys with you. 

10. As you go to bed in the evening, cover yourself with your favorite blanket to feel the protection of God’s embrace. 


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