Friday, March 26, 2010


During last October’s Special Synod of African Bishops, Ugandan Archbishop John Baptist Odama spoke about the sins against life that are being committed in Africa. On this day after the feast of the Annunciation when we celebrate the conception of Jesus and his development as a tiny human embryo, let us pray for an end to abortion in Africa and that the United States may not encourage or fund abortions there. Only if life is seen as sacred from conception will there be the possibility of a culture of life. Justice and reconciliation depend upon such a culture, for which we now pray. The following is from Archbishop Odama’s October 13 address to the Synod.

[The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army’s] forces have taken young boys and girls to force them to become child soldiers, damaging their minds and spirits in terrible ways. And the LRA forces have abducted young girls as sex slaves, ruining their hopes and futures. … [T]there is another more widespread violence that goes on every day throughout the continent. This is the violence of hunger, lack of educational opportunities, shortage of adequate health care, and unfit living conditions in urban slums and refugee camps…. But let me add yet another way in which violence is done to children, and this is the shocking rates of abortion that take away the lives of innocents even before birth. A culture of abortion, a dynamic of lack of respect for the unborn, a promotion of “rights” that even allows for this denial of the right to life, is but another sign of violence against life.

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