Sunday, March 28, 2010


We acclaim Jesus as King today and renew our daily offering. We pray in a special way that Christ may reign over the world’s economy and that the Church in Africa may continue His work of reconciliation. Our reflection is from Pope Benedict’s homily on this day in 2007.

In the Palm Sunday procession we join with the crowd of disciples who in festive joy accompany the Lord during his entry into Jerusalem. Like them, we praise the Lord with a loud voice for all the miracles we have seen. Yes, we too have seen and still see today the wonders of Christ: how he brings men and women to renounce the comforts of their lives and devote themselves totally to the service of the suffering; how he gives men and women the courage to oppose violence and deceit, to make room for truth in the world; how, in secret, he persuades men and women to do good to others, to bring about reconciliation where there had been hatred and to create peace where enmity had reigned. 

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