Thursday, February 25, 2010

Professor Mark Cato: why I'm dying to live

When law professor Mark Cato was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, he started a popular blog detailing the frustrations of daily life - and the inventions he came up with to triumph over the cruel wasting disease. Here are selected extracts from his heart-rending online diary. 

In April 2008, Professor Mark Cato was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and told that he might have only 14 months to live. Faced with this deadly illness, Cato – aptly named after the great Roman stoic – did not turn his face to the wall. A year ago, he began a blog that is “more about living than dying”; a diary of the frustrations and triumphs of daily life with this cruel wasting disease. 

With its combination of serious discussion, jokes and anecdotes about the inventions he has designed to help him overcome his physical problems around the house, the Dying to Live blog ( has attracted some 200,000 readers, garnering a following among those who believe in living “every moment of every day”. READ MORE 

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