Monday, January 25, 2010

JOSP fest, is a 4-day festival in Rome

Some 100,000 people saw some of the most significant religious sites on this planet without having to go too far. JOSP fest, is a 4-day festival in Rome dedicated to the pilgrimages.

Samanta Tata - Organizer JOSP Fest
At least once a year we want to bring together all the cultures and initiatives that focus on trips that are centered around spirituality. Its aimed at travelers with a specific intention, one that goes deeper than getting some sun on the beach or enjoying the local cuisine.

This year one of the places thats captivating a lot of the attention is Spain which is celebrating Compostela Holy Year.

Pitusa FariƱa Reboredo - Caminos de Santiago
When July 25th coincides with a Sunday, thats considered a Holy Year. But it only takes place, every 6, 5, 6, and 11 years. And this year marks the end of the cycle because there wont be another holy year for another 11 years.

Poland, the home country of John Paul II, is also getting a lot of peoples attention. One of the attractions there is a center thats under construction in Krakow dedicated to Karol Wojtyla. It will feature a museum, a sanctuary, library, conference rooms and a center for the formation of volunteers. People from all 5 continents donated money for its construction.

Pawez Kozakiewicz - Have no Fear
Near the sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, we have built a church dedicated to the pope. It will also serve as a museum dedicated to his life, from the time he was a child to his pontificate. We want to tell his story to all those who visit the place he was born.

Developing countries were also among the 300 exhibitors at JOSP fest, thanks to the help of the organization. However due to the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, the country was absent this year. Instead JOSP accepted donations to deliver to the victims of the quake.

There were also musical acts, meetings and presentations for pilgrims. The JOSP fest, which is in its second year, has turned into a convention for those who want to travel to placed where they can find themselves closer to the Lord.

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