Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI final weekly general audience of the decade

Pope Benedict XVI held the final weekly general audience of the decade, focusing on 12th century theologian Peter Lombard. His best known work is Sentences, a collection used in the teaching of theology.

Pope Benedict stressed one of Lombards most significant contributions is his treatment of the sacraments. The pope said Lombard captures the essence of the sacraments and called them the great treasure of the Church

Benedict XVI
"During this Year for Priests, I encourage priests, as ministers of the sacraments, and all the faithful, to grow in appreciation of the beauty and harmony of our faith, to cultivate the sacramental life, and thus to grow in union with Christ and his Church."

He also encouraged all to keep in mind the whole vision of the Christian doctrine against today's risks of fragmentation and devaluation of individual truth. At the end of the his final weekly audience he wished everyone a happy new year

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