Monday, October 26, 2009

The Vatican describes talks with lefebvrists as cordials

The Vatican described the first study meeting between representatives of the Catholic Church and traditional Lefebvrists as "cordial, respectful and constructive.

The novelty of this meeting is that the discussion of doctrinal issues by authorized representatives of both parties, at an approved venue has finally begun.

Traditional Lefebvrists want to return to the Catholic Church and the Vatican has agreed to start to discuss the conditions for their potential come back.

In the first meeting, a study commission which will meet every 15 days, was established.

The Lefebvrists dont accept certain points of the teachings of recent popes nor some principles of the Second Vatican Council, like religious freedom, the possibility of dialogue with other religions and churches and collegiality among bishops.

In January, Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of the bishops ordained irregularly by Marcel Lefebvre.
But since their status is still unclear theyre not considered part of the Catholic hierarchy.

According to their data, Lefebvrists have more than 400 priests, several hundred religious and seminarians and about 100,000 followers worldwide.

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