Thursday, October 29, 2009

Manos Unidas: 50 years battling world hunger

Manos Unidas was born 50 years ago, when a group of Spanish women decided to do something About world hunger. Today the Manos Unidas is one of the most significant NGOs that belongs to the Catholic Church in Spain.

Myriam García Abrisqueta
President of Manos Unidas
"A group of women from Catholic Action decided the service to the needy, declare war against hunger and stand up for all needs of people who suffer most.

The work of the NGO focuses on two main issues: education for development and project financing.

Maria Eugenia Diaz
Manos Unidas Communications Director
The sensitization in schools, from day care to go to college, especially for people, ordinary people. Why is sensitization so important? Because we feel people dont love what is not known, and that problems should be talked about.

During the last year, Manos Unidas has launched 774 projects in 59 countries across five continents. These projects focus on the most important aspects: the development of education, health, agriculture, social advancement and the promotion of women.

Myriam García Abrisqueta
President of Manos Unidas
What we are trying to achieve is for them to be the ones to develop their own skills and accompany them in the process. Provide support them while achieving the integral and genuine development which is so necessary and authentic. And that is the only way to achieve peace, reconciliation, justice, and to grow.

For the countries most in need, that support makes them responsible for their own development which is the cornerstone of each one of the organizations projects.

The key to an NGO that was born when some women decided to stop lamenting what was not in the world and join hands to establish Manos Unidas.

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