Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tribute to Corazon Aquino and my Filipino Friends

I have always admired President Cory Aquino. I guess she symbolizes to me the true spirit of the Filipino people. While I have never visited the Philippines I have had the blessing of knowing a few Filipinos, quite a few emigrated from the Philippines to work as doctors in our country. One of my first encounters was one of my classmates in secondary school (Maria Santigo). She was a smiling happy soul. She shared her love of life which was shown by her smile and sense of humor. Then later on I had the privilege of getting to know one of our customers at the Bank, where I work, Dr. Santigo, again another humble and smiling soul. Both these women have since died and both from cancer but they gave me a beautiful experience of God’s smiling love. Below is a link to a wonderful article about an extraordinary woman - President Cory Aquino.

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