Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Dazzling Revelation – Transfiguration of the Lord

Jesus was transfigured before them and his clothes become dazzling white. Then a cloud came, casting a shadow over them. Mark 9:2-3,7 THIS STRANGE EVENT seems to cover the full range of human experience: The ordinary muddle, the crystal clarity and the downright puzzling. Jesus in His divinity is reveled alongside Moses and Elijah, those iconic representations of the Law and the Prophets. But no sooner does that happen than the cloud descends, obscuring what had just been revealed. Just like that, our certainties elude us the moment we think we’ve figured it out. God, the Transfiguration seems to say, is as present in the dazzling Christ as in the obscuring cloud, in the clarity of understanding as in the confusion of mind. But reveled in the most dramatic moments of our lives, God is no less present in the ordinary awareness of every single day. Jesus goes down the mountain with the disciples, more than ever convinced that in certainty or confusion and everything in between, he is with them. Lord, reveal yourself to me today. By Mark Neilsen for Living Faith

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